New Season Hockey Training!

Newly moved in? Looking for the best way to make the transition easier for your kids? Are you searching for a good sport that will keep them physically fit and healthy? Then why not let them join our New Season Hockey Training this Summer 2018? There are all sorts of fun and excitement waiting for them. Plus, this will enable them to meet new friends!

It will start in March. The official day will be announced around February, but you can already get a slot reserved for your kids. We are on the first come, first served basis. There will be only limited classes this season due to the absence of one of our amazing instructors. Coach Ming will be on leave until next season until he heals from the ankle and knee injury he acquired just a month ago. But nonetheless, kids 7 years old to 18 can join.

Your children will belong in different categories corresponding to their age group. Each group will have corresponding training process in and out of the rink. They will undergo actual hockey practices here that they can apply to a real game at the end of the training season. Yes, we do host fun games for these kids for them to practice what they learned with us here at the training academy. This gives them an advantage as well if they want to pursue hockey in their respective schools. We offer beginning, intermediate and advanced classes depending on the knowledge and experience they already have. Our training facility is in the works all year round.

Please note that just in case your kids have a history of illnesses we should watch out for, including cardiovascular diseases and asthma attack, please get first the permission of your health practitioner before enrolling them with us. We do intensive workouts here that prepare them for a real live game that may not be suitable for your kids’ health.

We have transferred to a new location in Illinois after discovering how to find motivated sellers in real estate to sell our previous training center. Now, we are bigger and better than ever with a more upscale training rink to boast. Your kids will definitely love it here whether or not they want to pursue hockey. They will even have a golden ticket waiting for them at the end of the season to try out for a local hockey team. How’s this for a starter?

Want to start up the hockey training for your kids younger than 7 years old? This season, we are launching a summer camp for them. We call it the cadet division. This is to prepare your kids for the pressure of the environment through workouts and fun runs. No worries, this would still be more fun for them. We’ll teach them how to gain their balance on a ring. We’ll teach them the basic on pucks and sticks. We’ll teach them the basic to give them a head start from other children of their age bracket. All these and more if you join our New Season Hockey Training this March!